Seasons Collide to Create a Stunning Lake Placid Morning

Mount Marcy Sunrise Adirondack Mountains 10-17-17

This morning’s sunrise on snow-dusted Mt. Marcy and the surrounding Adirondack High Peaks.

Today dawned clear and crisp, and I was not ready for it. It is not unusual to be greeted by a morning temperature of 23 degrees in the Adirondack Mountains in mid-October, but the past month has been unseasonably warm. I had been lulled into warm-weather clothing complacency and still wearing flip-flops.

Snow on the High Peaks and the lake fog, lifting as the cold air drew the warmth out of the water, were my first clues it would be a wool sock kind of morning, in addition to being a stunner.

Warm weather is due back to the Adirondack Mountains this week, but today’s cold and teaser dusting of snow reminds us, fortunately, ski season is almost here.

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