Happy Winter Solstice 2016

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Happy winter!

Today marks the winter solstice of 2016, and, for a change, in the Adirondack Mountains it actually feels and looks like winter. It is 24 degrees and snowing as I type here at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ, in Lake Placid, New York. The region has enjoyed a cold and snowy early winter, technically late fall, so far this season. Snow-dependent businesses and those of us who love snow sports are carefully optimistic we could have an old-fashioned Adirondack winter. (That phrase means cold as a you-know-what and lots of snow.)

If the early season is any indication, the optimists are on to something. The Adirondack region has already had more snow, around 37 inches, this year than last year’s total of about 20 inches, according to Meteorologist Garrett Marino. Adirondack ice fisherman and climbers are already doing their thing, regional nordic ski centers and Whiteface Mountain have been open since Thanksgiving, and Lake Placid looks like an alpine village winter wonderland. And today is only the first day of winter; I think this qualifies as an excellent early season and bodes well for the coming season!

I suggest we celebrate in a seasonally appropriate fashion and have some fun outside. Happy winter!

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