The Drastic Moods of Spring in the Adirondacks

Snow covered Adirondack Chairs in Lake Placid 05-16-16

Maybe it was a little early to get the Adirondack chairs out of storage.

After a warm and almost hot road bike ride last week, I had to bundle up – just put a coat on, it’s all relative – to go outside this morning.

Diamondback Selfie 05-2016

My road bike’s first selfie of the season.

Then, after a chilly weekend, Monday morning dawned 28 degrees and snowing, with an inch of snow on the ground at 2,200 feet outside Lake Placid, NY. Although I’ve heard a lot of local whining, anyone who pays attention knows May in the Adirondacks can be chilly, and snow is not uncommon. However, the lack of snow during the past winter was uncommon, so we can be forgiven having the opinion that cold and snow in May feels wrong.

The average low temperature in mid-May in Lake Placid is 37 degrees, so this morning’s temperature was slightly below average, but nothing to be indignant about. The bitterness some of us harbor about the the rip-off “winter” we just endured is still  fresh however, so it is tough to cop a philosophical attitude when we are all ready for outdoor recreation in seasonal weather. But I will try. Enjoy the snow photographs; I had to put a coat on to take them.

Adirondack snowy trees 05-16-16

This morning in Lake Placid, New York. The drama queen Mother Nature changes her mind in an instant.

As usual for this time of year in the Adirondacks, the hummingbirds arrived last week. We watched them sip at the feeder while we sipped our libations and lounged in our Adirondack chairs in the warm sun last Friday, a mere three days ago.

Snow covered Adirondack Hummingbird Feeder 05-16-16

I hope the poor hummingbirds found a warm place to huddle.

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