Spring Snow Brightens the Day in Lake Placid

Too little too late for skiing, but it is pretty.

Spring snow on Mt. Marcy from Lake Placid, NY 03-27-16

Mt. Marcy, the highest mountain in New York State, dusted in spring snow.

The dusting of snow that coated the ground this morning in Lake Placid was a bittersweet treat. After the warmest winter on record, there is no snow base to accept this post-equinox offering. In a normal winter, we would call this a nice little “freshener” for spring skiing adventures. But, there are no spring ski adventures this year.

However, because a new coating of snow covers a multitude of ugliness such as twigs and branches knocked down and tossed haphazardly around the yard by the winter wind, dried Queen’s Anne Lace stalks that escaped the usual winter fate of being flattened to the ground by heavy snow, and the lumps of frozen mud from earlier thaws, today’s snow made me smile. Even though there is not enough to ski on, the snow makes it look clean and bright outside.

Snowy Lake Placid woods 03-29-16

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn I dearly missed the exquisite Adirondack skiing we all took for granted until this year. Like many local winter outdoor enthusiasts, I skied when conditions allowed, and hiked and ran when the snow disappeared. It is a fact–the more time I spend outdoors, the better I feel, so I was forced to enjoy winter in the Adirondacks without skiing almost every day.

Nature’s pull, especially when the woes of the world, crazy politics, and petty human absurdities seem outrageous, is the basis for the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory I started writing about nearly nine years ago. The theory goes like this: Get outside in nature as much as you can. It is good for your physical health and makes you nicer to be around.

A quick neighborhood trail run was all it took to knock out the dross and debris this morning. The crisp air and surprise spring snow just made it a little extra special.

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