A Carpe Adirondack Diem Day and Winter

Male Hairy Woodpeck in the Adirondacks

This Hairy Woodpecker and his friends seize every day. Photo: Edward Reed

This entire winter in the Adirondacks exemplifies one of my favorite adages, “Carpe Adirondack diem.” I usually invoke these words either when it is a spectacular day for outdoor recreation, or when the conditions are decent but predicted to go downhill fast. (Not my favorite downhill fast on skis, rather a decline in the kind of weather skiers prefer.) Unfortunately, today is a carpe Adirondack diem of the latter variety.

Mt Van Hoevenberg 01-2016

Tip of the tuque to the crew at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic cross-country ski trails.

Lake Placid and surrounding regions received about 4 inches of snow yesterday. Skiing at Mount Van Hoevenberg, Cascade Ski Center, and even in the backcountry light, are relatively good. I hate to hedge, but let’s not forget, good is a relative word. Today’s “good” conditions report was judged in light of the horrendous ski season suffered so far in the east this year. That said, ski ’em if you got ’em because the weather people predict it will rain and be warm Sunday night and Monday. Later in the week doesn’t look much better.

Despite the lack of great skiing conditions in the Adirondacks this year, it has been a good winter. There have been plenty of hikes and more yoga. With all the practice, I think I finally have the hang of this carpe Adirondack diem thing.

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