Thank you summer, you can leave Lake Placid now.

Fresh snow on Mt Marcy from Adk Lifestyle 02-06-14

Fresh snow on Mt. Marcy last winter.

Despite how the hot and humid weather makes it feel like mid-summer in the Adirondacks right now, it is the second week of September. Leaves are changing and snow has already fallen in western parts of the United States. I haven’t whined about skiing and I have been positive about summer in the Adirondacks for three months. A person only has so much self-control.

Fall is supposed to start in September in the Adirondacks. Sure, there are some nice, Indian Summer days every year when it feels lovely to have a day of bright, warm sunshine. But the normal weather is now supposed to be on the side of chilly. It is all about the contrast. How can one enjoy that one day of Indian Summer warmth if it isn’t cold the rest of fall? It is time for crisp autumn air, sweaters, and fresh apples. I want to smell wood stoves lit to warm the early evening, not the thick muggy air of late summer that belongs someplace south of here.

The solution for my cranky mood is simple — a few minutes of snow photos, then an outdoor excursion with the lifestyle hound will do the trick.

During my photo stroll down the snowy memory lane, I found today’s featured photo and thought it might brighten the day of fans of winter in the Adirondacks. Or at least cool off the overheated.

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