Lake Placid Simmers, but Fall is in the Air

Now is the time for last minute outdoor swims in the Adirondacks.

Hint of fall 2015 in the Adirondacks

The deciduous trees’ obvious hints of fall belies this week’s unseasonably warm forecast.

A week of unseasonably warm weather kicks off September in the Adirondack Mountains. Although many of us are ready for snow, these warm temperatures are welcomed by most. I’ll admit, it is nice to have an extended swim season; swimming in the Adirondacks is unpredictable. Sometimes the Cascade Lakes are too cold for swimming–in July. Swimmers have enjoyed a delightfully long run of good weather this year, and experienced ones know to enjoy it while the water is still warm.

Adirondack opportunistic caterpillar.

Someone else knows how to enjoy ideal conditions while he can. He’s right, the parsley is good.

If you haven’t had your dose of swimming in the Adirondacks yet this year, now is the time. The seasons wait for no one!

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