Happy Fall Equinox 2015 From Lake Placid

Adirondack Fall Foliage 09-23-15

The first day of fall 2015 in the Adirondacks.

How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
John Burroughs

Fall arrived in Lake Placid this morning at 4:21 a.m. This time of year in the Adirondacks is usually noted for the outrageously colorful foliage, but the leaves are slow off the starting blocks this year. The change to breathtaking brilliance is behind schedule, possibly because of the dry weather. The reds of last fall’s Equinox have not arrived yet and some of us worry they may never. Experts believe the colors in this foliage season will be less vibrant and perhaps downright frumpy. Large swaths of rusty brown leaf-covered trees make russet stripes across the sides of mountains throughout the Adirondacks. The even worse news is the leaves are dry and crunchy, even those still attached to their branches. The culprit is the last two months of unusually hot and dry weather in the Adirondacks; the late first frost broke records.

The good news is, this is the best time of year for hiking in the Adirondacks. The biting insects are gone except for a few opportunists and the trails are nice and dry. The temperatures are moderate; a sixty-five-degree day on the trail is a good day. Granted, there is no such thing as a bad autumn day in the woods in the Adirondack Mountains. Even though the leaves may not be as dazzling as other years, they are full of light and color in these, their last days.

The even better news is…winter is coming!


  1. Don Case

    Coming up soon for some hiking and camping. As a photographer I know I will be disappointed in the color this year, but it will still be nice. As you said there are no bad Autumn days in the Adirondacks.

  2. Joann

    I’m sure it will still be lovely, even if the colors aren’t the best in history. There’s plenty of photo opps aside from leaves. Have a wonderful time.

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