Mother Nature–the Ultimate Fashion Designer

This year’s fawn photos!

Adirondack Lifestyle Fawn 2015

This stylish youngster stopped by Le Petite Great Camp in Lake Placid yesterday. I recognized him/her immediately. It was the haute couture coat that gave away this medium-size fawn’s connection to the tiny fawn who ran bleating down the driveway a mere month ago. That time, the deer sported a smaller version of its perfect coat when it was startled by the lifestyle hound, Ziggy, sniffing in the brush.

Adirondack Lifestyle Fawn 2015

Adirondack fawn modeling the season’s popular pattern, sun-dappled forest floor camo.

The infant version of this deer was the size of a large house cat 30 days ago, but had the same perfectly stunning coat and markings. Despite what the resident biologist said, I’d recognize him/her anywhere.

I know you want to know what he said. Ed said, “They all look like that.” He said they all wear sun-dappled forest floor camouflage because fawns spend most of their time on the forest floor.

Adirondack Lifestyle Fawn 2015

The concept of sun-dappled forest floor camo had never entered my mind. I don’t care if they all look like that, the wisdom of Mother Nature never ceases to amaze.

Unaware of insipid human pondering and unafraid, but comfortable in its own skin, the fawn gave Ziggy a deer raspberry “Thwwwp!” before it galavanted back into the Adirondack forest.

As usual, click on the images for larger versions of this beauty.



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