Happy What-Feels-Like the First Day of Fall in the Adirondacks

Swim in the Adirondacks soon.

Mt. Marcy First Day of August 2015 from Adirondack Lifestyle

The fall glow was undeniable in the view from HQ this morning, August 1, the first unofficial day of fall in the Adirondacks.

Although the meteorological and the astronomical calendars disagree, it is easy to believe fall starts on August 1 in the Adirondacks. Trees apt to change colors first get started, and the average daily temperature is lower each day. Today’s celebratory chill — a morning low of 54 degrees and a high of 68, and low humidity — rode in on a slight breeze still rustling the hardwoods. After a few days of uncharacteristically hot and humid conditions, the change is welcome, and not only to those of us who are dreaming of snow.

Granted, there are plenty of warm, sunny Adirondack days left for cycling, trail running, hiking, paddling, and a vast array of other outdoor recreation, before we get to skiing. If you like swimming in the Adirondacks, however, you should get a move on, because that season is at its peak and winding down. Lake and pond temperatures throughout the Adirondack region are now at their warmest in years, and certainly the warmest of the season.

Be advised, the poetic morning fog you see swirling on Adirondack waterways on cool, late summer mornings is really the lake getting colder and less swimmable. The cool night air meets the warm lake water and the cold wins. Now is the time for swimming in the Adirondacks!

As usual, click on the image for a larger version of Mount Marcy and late summer in the Adirondacks.

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