Rusted Root Rocks Lake Placid, Lake Placid Rocks the Outdoors

Just Announced: Rusted Root Returns to Lake Placid February 27, 2016

The large selection of flora, fauna, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, and paddling routes may be the most well-known, but they are not the only diversity found in the vast Adirondack Park of upstate New York. The region also boasts one of the most interesting selections of cultural entertainment options found outside a metropolitan area. For example, the weekly concert series, The Pines Inn Songs at Mirror Lake, hosted every summer for the past 10 years in Lake Placid, embodies this tiny mountain Village’s penchant for doing the outdoors better than most. The concerts are held outside, of course, on the shore of sparkling Mirror Lake. An evening spent floating on a lake or sitting hillside, listening to live music played outdoors might be one of the most wonderful non-athletic ways to enjoy the Adirondack mountains.

held outdoors at the bandshell in Mid’s Park, on Main Street, in Lake Placid,

The band Rusted Root plays at the bandshell on Main Street in Lake Placid, N.Y., July 7, 2015.

Last Tuesday’s Rusted Root concert, part of the Songs on Mirror Lake series, was especially sweet. The band’s high energy hit the crowd immediately and had fans of all ages dancing and writhing along Main Street, on the hillside, and in their boats. Best known by non-Rusted Root fanatics for their light and uplifting song, “Send Me On My Way,” the group’s percussive style was perfectly suited to Lake Placid’s outdoor venue.

Rusted Root Lake Placid 2015 hillside  adk lifestyle

Rusted root fans packed the hillside and upper terrace at Mid’s Park in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Despite the challenge of mixing music on a busy street, the drums and penny whistle echoed perfectly off the surrounding mountains and across the lake. Last Tuesday evening, the Village of Lake Placid, best known for intense athletic competitions,  pulsed with music and dancing bodies instead of panting Ironman competitors.

Rusted Root Lake Placid hillside h2o fans

Tie dye is still in style.

Fans in the know had their boats in the water and staked out their spot before the concert started. Take it from this outdoor music fan, on the water is the best place from which to enjoy live music on Mirror Lake.

Rusted Root Lake Placid 2015 h2o fans

Rusted Root fans enjoy music and a softly setting sun on Mirror Lake.

The tie dye and gauze outfits were a pleasant flashback to the 70s, but the real star of the swaying crowd was the fire-breathing kayaker.

Rusted Root Lake Placid 2015 firebreather adk lifestyle

This Rusted Root fan was on fire for the band.

As the evening wound down and we walked around the lake to our parked car, we were treated to the magical sound of the finale, “Send Me On My Way” as it drifted across the lake.


The Pines Inn Songs at Mirror Lake Music Series continues tomorrow night at 7 pm when Jubilee Riots (formerly Enter The Haggis) present Celtic Night.

If you go, either float a boat in Mirror Lake or park your car on the opposite side of the lake from the band shell. You can enjoy a 2.7 mile walk on the red brick trail that circles Mirror Lake before the performance. Then leave the concert a little early and be enchanted as the magical sound of music outdoors accompanies your walk to the car.

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