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Skier's Thumb

Fresh snow wrap - good medicine for post-surgical skier’s thumb.

Living in the Adirondacks means you take the good with the bad. The good was a great ski season that included many hours skiing in the backcountry. The bad happened at the end of the ski season, so it was a not-so-bad kind of bad. A goofy fall on an easy downhill bent my thumb in the unnatural manner known as skier’s thumb. The MRI said I ruptured my ulnar collateral ligament. It is simple statistics; the more you ski, the bigger the chance for a ski injury.

Surgery was last Thursday. Fortunately for me, it snowed that day and the next, so there was plenty of material to make the requisite cold pack. The perfect cold pack, really. Good with the bad.

Marcy from Adk Lifestyle 04-28-15

Mount Marcy this evening from HQ.

Today marked day five with a newly attached ligament. I celebrated with neighborhood intervals, a walk with a good friend, dinner with my best friend, one Aleve, an elevated hand, and this view of Mount Marcy. The good with the bad.

Although the Adirondack lifestyle is not all peaches and cream, or snow and maple syrup, it certainly is an antidote for life’s bumps and bruises.

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