Baby, It’s Cold Outside in Lake Placid – Celebrate!

Mt. Van Hoevenberg ski trail 2014

The snowy trails at Mt. Van Hoevenberg a few short weeks ago.

Rain and then temperatures that plummeted to bitter cold are a harsh start to the first full work week of 2015. The ski report is sad but improving. Warm rain fell on the Adirondack Mountains for 36 hours and washed away the few inches of snow that had fueled recovery skiing after the Christmas deluge. This morning, a cold front settled in and temperatures fell throughout the day to the current three degrees above zero in Lake Placid. The cold snap is predicted to peak Wednesday with a nighttime temperature of -23 (minus 23) before temperatures moderate by Sunday.

Due to the warmth and heavy rain, backcountry skiing is unsafe and out of the question. The crew at Mount Van Hoevenberg cross-country ski center has been working hard to stay open, but note the icy coverage is spotty and ask everyone to ski carefully. Downhill areas such as Whiteface and Gore are open and making snow.

These are the days for long sessions on the yoga mat, workouts at the gym, sharp edges, skate skis, and fun outdoor Adirondack winter crafts.

If you think “fun outdoor Adirondack winter crafts” sounds like an oxymoron, head over to our home page to discover how we celebrate the cold in the Adirondacks.

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