Deerdashian Fashion Faux Pas in Lake Placid!

Fashion Faux Pas in Lake Placid

Dim Deerdashian looks uncharacteristically disheveled this morning.

Allegedly just friends, but doesn’t Dim Deerdashian look like a deer caught in the headlights this morning when spotted sharing a very early breakfast with her new buck? It looks like someone didn’t even have time to get her winter coat out of storage for this morning’s rendezvous. Russet after Labor Day — this girl is not thinking straight!

And we’d love to know, who is this handsome, but lopsided fashion trendsetter who dares to get out front on the fashion-forward Deerdashian herd?

Click on the image twice for a larger version and better view of their mismatched outfits.

I will not anthropromorphize, I will not anthropromorphize, I will not anthropromorphize.  Clearly I can’t resist; my apologies to the resident biologist.

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