Swimming in the Adirondacks

A Public Service Announcement

Swimming in the Adirondacks

Jump in, the water is fine!

It is time for the annual ‘hurry up and swim’ sermon.

Swimming in the Adirondacks has been especially delightful this summer. Sometimes, the sun fights an uphill battle against cloudy days and clear, chilly nights as it tries to warm crisp Adirondack mountain lakes and ponds. Not this year. An unusually consistent warm weather pattern heated the water nicely by mid-June and swimming has been great since then. With more than 3,000 pristine lakes and ponds to choose from, the Adirondack Region is a swimmer’s destination resort.

However, cool nights end Adirondack swim season and we’ve enjoyed a few chilly ones already. It is after all, late August, and as fall approaches swimmers are lucky to be swimming without wet suits. This means the end is near.

Clean, clear, and crisp water is inviting, but if you want to jump in an Adirondack lake, you’d better hurry because it will soon be cold.

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