Adirondack Eagle Flyby

It has been a busy summer here at Adirondack Lifestyle. To make amends for the recent spartan offerings, I present a video of my first eagle sighting, on the wing no less!

Although I’ve lived in the Adirondacks for 27 years, I had not seen a live eagle until earlier this month while paddling to the Saranac Lake locks. I was delighted to see not only one eagle, but two. Stunned, I watched as they flew past me and settled in to fish, each on their own limb of a tall dead tree. I was even more surprised to find this video of one eagle’s departing flight mixed in with the day’s collection of photographs.

Turn the sound up as high as you can to hear the sound of the eagle’s wings pushing through the air.


  1. Hillel B

    Yeh, very cool!
    It’s amazing, their comeback; ‘several nesting sites here in central PA.


  2. Joann

    Yes, their comeback is a great success story! Apparently there is a nesting pair along the paddle I took to Oseetah lake. A friend had one fly alongside his car window with a fish in its talons, coming up from the Cascade Lakes on Route 73 outside of Lake Placid. So cool.

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