Adirondack Green

Outdoor Recreation Starts Early in the Adirondacks

Mt. Marcy from Adirondack Lifestyle in Lake Placid

Why does the human eye see more shades of green than any other color?

As you can see in this morning’s outdoor yoga view, there more shades of green on display in the Adirondacks than I can describe. This is noteworthy since I am not usually at a loss for words.

If you compare the photograph in my last post to today’s photo, you will note the leaves have made huge strides and it finally looks like late spring in Lake Placid. Despite the chilly (39 degrees) overnight temperatures, the warm morning sun reminds us it is the first day of June and summer is less than three weeks away.

A day of outdoor recreation in the Adirondacks ahead of me, I take advantage of the still cold slowness of the black flies and complete my morning practice before they catch on. I’ll be on my bike before they can say, “I’m an annoying biting insect.”

As usual, click on the photograph for a larger vision of Adirondack Green.

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