Winter Storm Vulcan Headed to the Adirondacks

Blizzard Party at Adirondack Lifestyle Because Vulcans Never Bluff!

Ski in Lake Placid tracks

Tuck’n go ski conditions have occupied the past few weeks in Lake Placid.

I know, it’s been almost two weeks since the lifestyle hound gave the last Adirondack ski report. Time sure flies when ski conditions are this fantastic.

The good news is, things are about to get better. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Adirondack North Country, and his name is Vulcan! The Trekkie in me is giddy with delight.  Perhaps Vulcan will live long and prosper in the Adirondacks, stick around for awhile, and leave behind a good pile of that fluffy white stuff.  That would be a logical outcome.

It sounds like this could happen since according to NOOA, the Adirondacks may receive up to 20 inches of snow from the pointy-eared storm. (Okay, I’ll stop, but where do they get this stuff?)

North Country predicted snowfall march 12-13 2014

Latest snowfall prediction from the National Weather Service as of 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The forecast calls for heavy snow tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon and through the night, with blizzard conditions. It is therefore logical and necessary to stay home Wednesday night, wax some skis, drink some Adirondack maple hot chocolate, and celebrate this visit from our rational Vulcan friend!

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