Happy Vernal Equinox 2014 from the Adirondacks

A Day Late and a Dollar Short 

Sunrise on Mt Marcy Adk last day of winter 2014

Sunrise on Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks on the last day of winter 2014. It was a cold one.

Today’s “Happy New Year!” greeting comes a day late because a busy first day of spring is a good one. It is a dollar short because although today is the first full day of spring 2014, it is cold and snowing in the Adirondacks. Some people actually consider this snowy gift a ripoff, and forget this is very normal weather for the Adirondack North Country. Indeed, a cold day on skis is the standard, delightful way to celebrate March 21 in Lake Placid.

Regular readers of Adirondack Lifestyle will recall I consider the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox, the actual beginning of a new year. This isn’t my fancy, Mother Nature calls it: the seeds of new life are planted in the spring. Even though it is snowing, it is clear the Adirondack part of earth is waking up, springing to life.  The sharp crack of frozen wood in the Adirondack night is replaced with gentle, almost warm breezes, and the randy birdsong of warm Adirondack days. Tiny new buds on the hardwoods soften the view.

Adirondack Purple Finch 03-20-14

Everything is looking rosey in the Adirondacks.

Birds are molting into their colorful breeding plumage and maple sap ran for a day. We’re still skiing in the Adirondacks but make no mistake, spring is well underway.

Happy New Year!

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