A Message from the Adirondack Lifestyle Ski Dog

Ziggy the ski dog ski report 02-27-14

Ziggy the ski dog is not amused.

I’m pretty tired from all the skiing today but mum said I have to let you know if you like romping in the snow and skiing downhill fast, now is the time to grab your human and high tail it on up to the Adirondacks.

As you can see in today’s distinguished featured photo of me, it was snowing hard today in Lake Placid. Three inches of soft fluffy new snow fell on that painful frozen hard stuff mum said was a good base but I hated. I heard that Polar Vortex thing is here which makes sense since my feet hurt unless I am running. It has been posited my feet don’t hurt when I’m skiing because running downhill fast is more fun than standing in front of the door waiting to get in the house when they take so long to open door that I have to pick up my feet so looks like I am dancing but I really just have cold feet.

I’ve been told to stay on topic but I also want to remind ski dogs to be on the lookout for things because there are things like the fox and coyote who live near me and always leave threatening messages on things. I don’t act scared or anything being distinguished and all but I admit I was a little nonplussed to find the freshly severed bunny head on the back porch last year.

Anyway take it from me, the lifestyle hound ski dog, skiing is great in the Adirondacks right now for all creatures distinguished or not.

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