Timely Reminder to Ski Dogs and Their Humans

Public Service Announcement Brought To You By Ziggy, the Adirondack Lifestyle Hound

Zeigfreid Von Schtumpf

“I was almost late for supper.”

So me and the humans were out skiing this afternoon and I decided to walk, no linger, in the middle of the frozen stream since there were things to smell and I was excited to be out and it wasn’t 20 below zero or whatever they said was the reason my feet hurt yesterday when I went out to pee and couldn’t because I kept lifting my feet because they were so cold they hurt.

Ziggy ice hole 01-04-14

And so I was walking down the ice, just checking it out because there might be something when all of a sudden I heard a loud crack and huge thud and then I was in a cold hole with water running on my feet and mom was screaming so I jumped out to see if she was ok.

Ziggy Ice Hole

“Does this mean I am still on that diet?”

She was ok alright, but then got all neurotic and made me stay with dad away from the stream but she was allowed to go close and take pictures, all so we could warn everyone not to walk on ice unless they really know it is safe and certainly keep an eye on us canine companions who are just having fun with not a thought for our own safety since there might be something to smell.

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    So cute!!

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