Go Home, Southern Jet Stream, You’re Drunk

And You Are More Annoying Than Your Cousin, Polar Vortex

Adirondack Snow Rock in January Rain

Snow Rock looks a little forlorn riding out today’s rainy weather. It also looks a little too green for January.

It is a balmy 47 degrees  and raining here in Lake Placid. The warm, southerly wind makes the air smell like a moist Adirondack spring evening.
On January 11th, at 9:00 at night.

It was warm and rained, “heavy at times,” all day, so the ground is mostly bare of snow. Rushing rivulets force their way through frozen mud and grass.  Roads are closed throughout the Adirondacks because of ice dams and flooding, and flash flood warnings remain posted through tonight. And let’s not forget the possible thunder storm.

Adirondack Snow and Debris Covered Trail

Sticks and forest tidbits from this year’s ice and wind storms clutter the trails.

The warm breezes and rain rode the Southern Jet Stream that ambled too far north last night, and they’ve all settled in for a visit. This is not your normal Adirondack  January thaw; the unusual warmth comes on the heels of record breaking cold. Wind chill values were minus forty here in Lake Placid just a few days ago. The extreme fluctuations are bizarre and make outdoor recreation planning difficult and skiing impossible. Today’s walk turned into a morose assessment of the damage done and was cut short by torrential rain. But at least the lifestyle hound obeyed instructions and did not fall through the melting ice.

Ziggy + Adirondack Frozen Stream

Ziggy considers ignoring instructions to stay off the ice…

Ziggy + Adirondack Frozen Stream no thanks

…but chooses wisely.

We are all ready for these extreme characters, those wandering trouble makers, Southern Jet Stream and Polar Vortex, to stay where they belong and let us enjoy winter in the Adirondacks.


  1. Linda

    Hi! Just stumbled on your blog doing research for our trip to the Adirondacks in late February for some snowshoeing & x-country. Present unwinter-y-like conditions aside, your previous entries and pics displaying and describing magnificent scenery and trail conditions of past winters are all encouraging reminders for us to ‘keep hope alive’ for our upcoming trip. Last winter was exceptionally fantastic and happily not visited by dreaded Southern Jet Stream or dastardly Polar Vortex. Cross our snowshoes & skis they depart before too much season is melted away. 🙁 Thanks again for the beautiful pics and enthusiastic prose.

  2. Joann

    Thank you for stumbling in Linda. Skis are indeed crossed for a little snow this weekend and then, they say, we can expect more cold.
    Here’s to a snowy rest of winter 2014! Enjoy your visit.

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