Down Hill Fast: an Essential Element of the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory

Sunlight on a snowy Adirondack Trail

Sunlight breaks through the balsam canopy, beneath which is especially thin snow cover  in the Adirondacks.

We finally skied down hill fast again on Wednesday. A quick moving snow storm dumped about 6 inches of snow on Lake Placid on Tuesday.  After too many days of skiing in bitter cold, sub-zero wind chill temperatures on hard pack snow, in gerbil circles around and around a short, flat, man-made course, there was enough snow on the ground to cut it loose during Wednesday’s neighborhood ski. That fun little ski was rejuvenating and reminded me why the rush of skiing down hill fast is an important part of the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory (ALWT).

Going “down hill fast” is also one of Ziggy, the lifestyle hound’s favorite things . It has been a tough winter for fans of back country skiing ‘down hill fast’ in the Adirondacks. The lack of snow has kept nordic skiers on the flats and lakes since any trails with incline inevitably have dangerous rocks poking through the snow. I felt the loss: I look forward to steep, narrow ski trails with as much enthusiasm as my canine ski companion. The words, “here we go, down hill fast” turn us both into hyper fools, flying through the woods with silly grins. Ziggy grins with his ears, they flap as he runs, staying ahead, out of my way and just out of tag-you’re-it reach.

Fortunately, Tuesday’s snowy surprise provided just enough cover to let the skis ride on Wednesday’s  local, low-elevation back country ski excursion. And that was just enough ALWT medicine to make me think we might salvage this ski season in the Adirondacks after all. Hope springs eternal!

Adirondack Snowy Stream Crossing

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