Happy Winter Solstice from Lake Placid

But Get Ready For An Ice Storm

Adirondack Winter Solstice

Today’s message was supposed to be a light, ‘Happy Winter Solstice, Go For a Ski’ kind of post. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is being uncooperative. The weather people are warning parts of the Adirondacks are at risk for a major ice storm starting this afternoon, Saturday, expected to last through tomorrow evening, December 22. I lived here during the 1998 ice storm so will speak with some authority on this topic. It was ugly. During that storm we were without power for a few days. Some people where not so lucky and went without electricity for weeks.

Since the National Weather Service is calling this a “Major Ice Storm,” it is not to be taken lightly. Those living in at-risk areas should be prepared for power outages and everyone should simply stay off the roads.  Have some flashlights, food, water, and an alternate source of heat at the ready. It sounds like a good weekend to light a fire, stay at home and enjoy the Winter Solstice.

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