Adirondack Ice Storm December 2013

Trees Adirondack Ice Storm 2013

Ice coated trees in Lake Placid.

Nearly 30,000 people are without power today in the Adirondack North Country with an Ice Storm Warning in effect until 7:00 pm Sunday evening, 12/22/13. Although everything outdoors is coated in a thin layer of ice here at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ just outside of Lake Placid, it appears the most severe icing was concentrated at lower elevations.

Iced Window Adirondack Ice Storm 2013

Only the windows on the east side of HQ boast a new coat of ice.

I am heeding my own advice and have not left the house, but news reports from North Country Public Radio indicate the worst damage is in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties where most of the power outages are located and bans on unnecessary travel remain in effect.

Woodpecker Adirondack Ice Storm 2013

Mr. Woodpecker appreciates the added support provided by the Iceman.

There are also Flood Warnings posted for locations around the region due to the heavy rain, melting snow, and ice dams. Although it was warm and rainy all day yesterday here in Lake Placid, temperatures were 20 degrees colder in towns just a few miles away, resulting in long periods of freezing rain and heavier ice accumulations.

View Adirondack Ice Storm 2013

The snap, crack, and thud of falling tree branches punctuates the background sound of dripping ice.

Since we lost power here at HQ between the moment I uploaded the photo above until now, for about 1 hour, I will finish and post this …..but not before I exhort everyone to stay safe and warm.

Birds feeding Adirondack Ice Storm 2013

Hungry birds find our ice encrusted feeder perfectly adequate.



  1. JC

    Do you have a link to any kind of map depicting where the outages are? We have a camp in Johnsburg and want to make sure it has power (refrigerator plugged in).

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