Timely Advice to Drivers – Deer on the Move in the Adirondacks

Adk young buck 11-13-13

This young buck is on auto-pilot this time of year.

Late fall in the Adirondacks sometimes brings cold and snow, but it always brings a single minded focus to the deer population: each other. This time sensitive amorous behavior, sometimes called “the rut,” does not last long, but it can be disruptive.  During the rut, white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, are so preoccupied with nature’s thoughts of love, they pay less attention to cars, roads, and noise.  This is the time of year, the second and third weeks of November, when loved crazed ungulates are prone to leap in the road, the chaser or the chased, oblivious to dangerous cars and trucks.

It wouldn’t hurt to slow down and pay close attention when driving in the Adirondacks for the next few weeks. Let’s give the youngster in today’s featured photo a chance to have some fun.

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  1. Fred

    Mmmmm…..love crazed ungulate bourguignon.


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