Fruit Striped Gum on Mount Marcy

Sunrise on Mount Marcy & Adirondack Fall Foliage 10-03-13

Sunrises like this morning’s in Lake Placid make it easy to get out of bed.

As you can see in today’s featured photo, many leaves have already vacated the trees here in the Adirondack High Peaks. The  sturdy minority who remain; some sugar and red maples, cherries, and yellow birches, run the gamut of the yellow spectrum from pale yellow to bright neon orange. Of course, the beeches are still mostly green.  Beeches, especially the small ones, wait until the dead of winter to turn brown and fall onto ski trails. I digress. The various greens in the palette this time of year are thanks to those beeches and the conifers; balsam, spruce, and hemlock.

Mother Nature rocks it again, adding splashes of green to accent the neon leaf-glow on her perfectly subdued, but stunning, striped rose and soft blue background. Eye candy indeed.


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