Early Snow on Lucky 7 Slide in the Adirondacks Bodes Well

October Snow on Lucky 7 Slide Adirondacks

October Snow highlights Lucky 7 Slide on Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks.

It was a cold and snowy weekend in the Adirondacks. Although it is still October, the freezing temperatures and accumulating snow made it feel like mid-November in a good ski year. I’ll have a more involved report concerning the weekend in a bit, but I had to share this promising photograph of Lucky 7 Slide, on Cascade Mountain. Formerly the “T Slide,” Hurricane Irene turned the sideways “T” into a perfect Euro 7. It is especially attractive covered in October snow because snowy Octobers have, in the past, led to good winters. Maybe the Adirondacks will get lucky this year.

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