Cold and Snow Arrive in the Adirondacks

Mount Marcy from Adk Lifestyle 10-20-13

The first snow of the 2013-2014 ski season on Mount Marcy, the highest mountain in New York State.

Sunday lunch time at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ is not usually this exciting. Gazing out the front window, between bites of his grilled cheese sandwich, the resident biologist alerted me to what he believed to be snow on Mt. Marcy. Today’s gray, low cloud cover, wind, and chilly temperature are par for late October in the Adirondacks and I was busy shoveling a version of fruit gruel into my mouth, so I had not noticed the snow.  I ran for the camera but kept my eye on those dreary clouds as they swept across the dome of Marcy’s rocky peak, revealing brief glimpses of the glorious white stuff. Fortunately for fellow fans of snow and skiing, I managed to catch today’s featured photograph before more snow clouds covered the goods. Feel free to click on the photo for a full size version of the first snow of the season on Mount Marcy!

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