Adirondack Foliage and Outdoor Recreation Report 09-19-2013

Adirondack Fall Foliage 9-19-13 zoom

A closer than usual look reveals the famous Adirondack glowy effect.

Today’s story is short: we are in a perfect stretch of days to get outside and play in the Adirondacks. The longer version features clear Adirondack blue sky, bright sunshine, colorful 70-degree days, followed by chilly, full-moon lit evenings. These are the days for outdoor recreation in the Adirondacks.  Most of the nasty bugs succumbed to the recent frost, a real bonus for warm weather outdoor exertion. My early commute to yoga is an eye candy breakfast thanks to Mother Nature’s foliage show and fall’s  misty morning lakes.

Adirondack Fall Foliage 9-19-13

Even at this zoom the Adirondacks have that glow thing going this time of year.

Weather conditions have  been perfect for afternoon trail runs and cycling and it looks like that trend will continue. The weather service is calling for more of the same with a small chance for rain this Saturday. By the way, for official information about outdoor recreation conditions in the Adirondacks, you can clink the “Current Adirondack Backcountry Conditions” link in the top right section of this page for  the  New York State Department of Environmental’s official report. It is updated every Thursday.

Adirondack Lifestyle hound, Ziggy, is first up the hill 09-13

The Lifestyle hound usually beats me up the hills.

My unofficial report indicates outdoor recreation conditions in the Adirondacks are currently delightful and destined to get even better.

Adk lifestyle hound Ziggy cools off at MVH

I’m usually tempted to join him.


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