The Sun Returns to the Adirondacks

Mt Marcy from Adk Lifestyle HQ 07-12-13

The view from HQ this evening features clear and sunny skies, and nice green foliage courtesy of 3+ weeks of rain.

This is another one of those Hurry Up! posts.  This is an exhortation to haste if you want to enjoy the first weekend of sunshine in 25 or 30 days in the Adirondacks.  If you don’t live here and have been waiting for a nice sunny weekend to enjoy a hike, paddle, bike ride, swim, or just want to commune with nature in the Adirondacks, your time has arrived. I hope you are on your way.

I consciously avoided whining here about the muggy, rainy weather we  courageously endured in the Adirondacks recently. I am sorry to say, that has not been the case here at HQ.  The good news for anyone who has to be around me is the sun was out all day today and I went for a nice road bike ride. The thickly scented, vibrant, and plentiful flowers along the way, a consolation prize for all the rainy days,  made the miles fly by and wish I’d had more time.

The weather people promise at least four more days of sunshine. This bodes well for peaceful outdoor living in the Adirondacks.

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