Lake Placid Horse Show 2013

Athletic Grace Across the Species in Lake Placid

Lake Placid Horse Show

As if the Adirondack Mountains alone are not enough beauty in one spot, the scene at the Lake Placid Horse Show is eye candy for the gluttonous. The stunning grace of rider and horse against the backdrop of cloud dappled McKenzie and Sentinel Mountain Ranges, tastefully decorated with green striped tents,  is spectacular, a painting come to life.

Lake Placid Horse Show 2013

After more than 40 years, the Lake Placid Horse Show remains one of the premier equestrian events in the country. Today’s Grand Prix culminates the events’  June 25 to July 7 run at the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds, located on State Route 73 at the entrance to the Village of Lake Placid.

Lake Placid Horse Show

It should come as no surprise that the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds are located directly across the street from the Olympic Ski Jumps in Lake Placid. Maybe it is the negative ions, created by the nearby AuSable River and Adirondack Mountains, swirling in the air that causes athletes of all species to possess magical powers of levitation.

Kicking it at Lake Placid Horse Show 2013

Or maybe it is the brisk Adirondack mountain air that fuels the competitive passion necessary to achieve at Olympic levels. Whatever magic Mother Nature has bestowed on the Adirondack North Country, it is one that has inspired unusual athletic performance for decades. Lake Placid’s Olympic history is evidence of this. And the events keep coming - sporting events are drawn to the Adirondacks and Lake Placid; the 14th Lake Placid Ironman will be held at the end of July.

We frequently refer to an athlete’s natural grace when referring to a champion. This is a redundant phrase; there is only natural grace. The rest is technique and training, dedication, and discipline.  Important elements for certain, but once again, old Mom Nature bestows the goods.

Today the dualies and tractor trailers are leaving town, hauling their precious cargo home to their barns or to the next competition. Until next summer, Lake Placid is left with events featuring athletes of the two-legged variety, but no less inspired or graceful.

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Lake Placid Horse Show Roller Skier

A roller skier from the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid passes the horse show grounds.


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