Let the Adirondack Summer Fun Begin!

Adirondack Summer Solstice 2013

Adirondack Mountains Colden, Avalanche, Algonquin, and Wright, on the first day of Summer 2013.

As the calendar confirms and you can see in today’s featured photo, summer has arrived in Lake Placid. When today dawned clear and blue, I knew a  morning hike would be the perfect way to celebrate Summer Solstice in the Adirondacks. The resident biologist and lifestyle hound agreed it was a good thing we got an early start as the day warmed quickly.  We broke a sweat just a few minutes into our excursion which turned the conversation to a discussion of our favorite hikes that lead to swimming spots.

Ziggy Adirondack Summer Solstice 2013

“I thought someone said we were going swimming.”

As regular readers may recall, a hike or bike to swimming is one of my favorite things. A Jersey Girl background informs my understanding of summer: it is not summer until I can go swimming.  However, it was a chilly spring in the Adirondacks this year and the weather has not been conducive to even the thought of swimming. Until today of course, it is the first day of summer.

And since today is also the longest day of the year, we all still have plenty of time to celebrate the arrival of swimming season in an appropriate manner - spending time outdoors. Happy Summer from the Adirondacks!

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