Cold, Rain and Snow for Memorial Day Weekend in Lake Placid

Memorial Day 2013 Wood Stove

Memorial Day weekend 2013 is off to a toasty start. Indoors.

Bring a rain coat if your plans include outdoor activities in the Adirondacks this Memorial Day weekend.  And it would be a good idea to add a mid-layer of down if you plan on stepping outside for more than a dash to the car.  Speaking of the car, you should probably put the snow brush and ice scraper back in the vehicle because although this is barbecue season,  snow is in the forecast.  It has been raining in the Adirondacks for three days and the weather people predict rain and snow through Sunday night. If you plan to hike, be advised the NY State DEC cautions trails will be wet and muddy. Water levels are high; low water crossings may be unpassable and trails along waters may be flooded. At higher elevations temperatures will fall below freezing and as much as 8 inches of heavy snow is possible.  Be prepared or stay inside by the fire.

Spring weather in the Adirondacks is extremely variable. Snow and cold weather is not unusual for late May. The last time it snowed on Memorial Day was in 2009, but last  year it was so warm I was swimming in Mirror Lake by this time.

It looks like a cold and snowy Memorial Day in the Adirondacks this year. Since Mother Nature always knows best, we would be wise to relax, stop complaining about the bone chilling dampness, and enjoy the bonus snow and cozy wood fires. Skiing anyone?!

Cozy wood fire and photograph courtesy of Ed Reed.

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