The Welcome Home Ski and Adirondack Ski Report

Sunrise on Marcy in the Adirondacks

Sunrise on Mt. Marcy

Twenty ski days spent away from Adirondacks is a long time. But when there are feet of fresh powder snow on the ground in the Adirondacks, 20 days away from home is unspeakable.  Upon return there is nothing like an immediate backcountry ski excursion.  A principle of the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory (ALWT), the full, ski-all-the-time, immersion cure is the best way to deal with ski deficit disorder.

It was in this spirit and invoking the ALWT that I barely unpacked the vehicle and threw on my skis when we arrived home Wednesday afternoon.

Jackrabbit Trail 01-02-13

Fresh snow on the Jackrabbit Trail in Lake Placid

There was 22 inches of lovely fresh snow on the ground here at HQ, with just a few soft clouds in the Adirondack blue sky.  The brightly shining sun was deceptive; it was cold, but the crisp 10-degree air was refreshing as I headed out on the Jackrabbit Trail in Lake Placid. The soothing squeak and swoosh of my cross country skis kicking and gliding over the snow replaced the constant din of the city. Running up the hills with the excellent purchase provided by the random, undoubtedly too-warm kick wax on my skis, and then down the steeps, I blew off the dross and stale air of our state’s southern parts.

Jackrabbit Trail 1st Beaver Pond 01-02-13

There is plenty of snow covering the first beaver pond on the Jackrabbit Trail from Lake Placid to Keene.

Ziggy the Ski Dog 01-02-13

The ski dog companion is an essential element of the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness prescription.

Living in the Adirondacks means there are times you have to leave.  For professional and personal reasons, an extended trip away from one’s home in the Adirondacks is the norm. These absences are also bittersweet reminders about how great it is to live in the Adirondacks.  The resident biologist and I just returned from such a reminder. Contrast is an excellent device: constant noise versus the quiet of a snow muffled forest, the fact I encountered not a soul on a 1.5 hour, 4-mile backcountry ski trip Wednesday afternoon versus shoulder-to-shoulder 5th Avenue crowds.

Ziggy the Crazed Ski Dog 01-02-13

Happy ski dog. I looked like this too, except my ears are shorter.

After that first hour on our first day back in the Adirondacks, Ziggy and I turned and skied west toward home, into the dusty blue and fuzzy peach sunset.  He concurred it is great to be home.

Since I have been practicing the ALWT full immersion ski cure, I can tell you the Jackrabbit Trail from Lake Placid to Keene is in beautiful shape. The Porter Mountain Racing Loops at Mt. Van Hoevenberg are in tuck’n go condition – oh baby - as are the rest of the 50 kilometers of Olympic groomed trails.

Adirondack Winter Wonderland 01-02-13

The area around Lake Placid has received an additional 6 inches of  delightfully light powder and it is snowing out as I write these words. Did mention it is great to be home?



  1. Tiffany

    That sounds fantastic! I can almost smell the clean, crisp air. No snow in the forecast here, though. I’ll live vicariously through your photos for now!

  2. Joann

    It is absolutely stunning. Stayed tuned, we are in all-out photo mode here at HQ.

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