Carpe Adirondack Diem – It’s Snowing!

The Adirondack Lifestyle Snow Rock says, "Go skiing, now!"

The Adirondack Lifestyle Snow Rock says, “Go skiing, now!”

As you can see in the provided photographic evidence, it is snowing here at HQ in the Adirondacks right now. What you probably can’t discern however, is the bittersweet twinge I feel as I place my freshly waxed skis outside. I acknowledge the lovely heavily falling snow and snow rock’s urgent message and hustle inside to put on my boots.

It is time for a large dose of the Adirondack Lifestyle Wellness Theory (ALWT): the weather is going downhill fast, and not on skis. By Wednesday the temperature is expected to be 50 degrees accompanied by rain.  There is not a great deal of snow on the ground right now but skiing has been good, even in the backcountry. I am sad to say the upcoming warmth may cause a pause in the backcountry ski action unless the rain is followed by a snowstorm.

I don’t have time to complain about Wednesday’s rain on Monday. As regular readers may recall, an integral component of the ALWT is “Carpe Adirondack Diem;” one must be willing to seize the Adirondack moment and ski it. Out I go!

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