Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Feral Swine in the Adirondacks

Feral Swine in the Adirondacks

The feral swine plaguing Clinton County, New York, are the topic of an article in this month’s Conservationist magazine.

The Pigs Gone Wild, Conservationist Assistant Editor Eileen Stegemann provides a great overview of the problem and fun-to- know facts about wild pigs. Yes, there are fun-to-know facts about wild pigs. The resident biologist routinely dishes interesting details about wild animals and feral swine are no exception.

Lest you question the importance of eradicating wild pigs here in the North Country, you should read this article about the unfortunate farmer in Oregon who was eaten by his pigs a few weeks ago. I used to think the piggies were cute but the article adequately frightened me. Now I do not relish (hot dog?)  the idea of meeting a wild boar on the trail. This is why I suggest we all follow the advice offered in the DEC article:

“You can help the USDA and DEC battle this new invasive. If you’re outdoors and see a feral pig, please report it to the nearest DEC regional office right away. The more information you can provide (such as date, exact location, number of swine and piglets, and any photos), the better. Given feral swine’s high rate of reproduction, time is of the essence.”


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