Ode and Farewell to Swimming in the Adirondacks

Hurry and Try the Double Cascade Classic

Adirondack Lifestyle hound enjoys a mellow dip.

We’re all savoring the last swims of the season.

Fall is clearly around the edges here in the Adirondacks. Although these late summer days have been unusually warm and perfect for swimming in the Adirondacks, nighttime temperatures are dropping into the upper 30s. The morning fog reminds one the water is cooling down and swimming season is almost over. As a matter of fact, swimming after Labor Day in the Adirondacks is often not possible, (without a wet suit, which I avoid) so I consider any post-Labor Day swim a bonus.  This is therefore a double-bonus year for au-naturel swimmers in the Adirondacks since we started the 2012 swim season on Memorial Day, which was unusually early.

The past summer also calls for a special ode to swimming in the Adirondacks because it was a consistently warm one and the swimming was superb. Because of a normally chilly nature, the Adirondack region is sometimes under-rated when it comes to swimming. But with more than 3,00o lakes and ponds the Adirondacks offer an excellent diversity of swimming choices for those of us who grew up wishing they were a dolphin, or even for those who are just looking for a fitness swim. When meteorological conditions are perfect like they were this year: hot sunny days, warm nights, and few rainy days, we enjoy great swimming in the Adirondacks.

I enjoyed a delightful summer of swimming and found the trail run, then swim, combination simply could not be beat. The unusually hot summer days made the post-run swim extra refreshingly sweet.

Fall around the edges in the Adirondacks

Fall is creeping around the edges in the Adirondacks.

The good news is early fall in the Adirondacks is one of the best times for hiking, the weather forecast is favorable, and the water is still warm enough for a dip, so it will be easy to stretch the swim season into this week.

Adirondack maple leaf 09-05-12

This morning’s evidence of the coming inevitable end of swimming in the Adirondacks for 2012.

But this extended Adirondack swim season is not going to last very long. The forecast calls for cooler temperatures starting this coming Monday, September 10.

The time for an Adirondack late summer hike and swim is now through this weekend. My exercise plan this week includes a few trail runs and a required savoring of the last refreshing swims in a couple of crystal clear Adirondack lakes.

For readers interested in a fun way to say farewell to swimming in the Adirondacks and welcome fall hiking season I suggest the double Cascade Classic: climb Cascade Mountain and then go for a swim in Upper Cascade Lake, just .7 mile from the hiking trail head.

And don’t forget it could snow any day.

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