Get the Winter Coats Out of Storage

Adirondack deer get their winter coats in September.

Step away from the lilac.

As you can see in today’s featured photo of a recent visitor to HQ, deer in the Adirondacks are already preparing for winter. The mottled hair is a sign this deer is losing her reddish brown summer coat and has started growing her heavier gray winter attire. Their nonchalant but stylish knack of dressing for two seasons at the same time makes Adirondack deer one of Mother Nature’s favorite fashionistas.

The fall foliage season has also begun; leaves are nearly 15% changed and the leaf peepers have started creeping their way through the Adirondacks. It goes without saying but bears repeating, the arrival of leaf peepers means snow and ski season is not far behind. It has already snowed in Colorado and the first snow of season in the east could happen tomorrow night according to the Mt. Washington Observatory.  Fortunately, fall in the Adirondacks makes it easy to get ready for ski season. Cooler temperatures and the lack of bugs makes trail running and hiking superb, but I suggest you take the example of my lilac eating deer friend and dress for two seasons.


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