The Case of the Missing Strawberries

Adirondack Wild Strawberry Spring 2012

Adirondack Wild Strawberry Spring 2012

Last spring, I didn’t mention the huge crop of wild strawberries I expected, or include the strawberry flowers in my spring flower collections, because I planned to do a flower-to-fruit-to-table blog post once the fruit was ripe.  Back in May at least one quarter of the front yard here at Adirondack Lifestyle headquarters was covered in the white blooms of wild strawberry plants.  I followed the progress of the plants closely and when the flowers turned into tiny green berries and those berries developed a pink hue,  I thought I’d be harvesting sweet wild strawberries in a few days. You can imagine my dismay the next time I checked on the plants and found not one berry, green or red. The plants had been stripped clean of berries and any sign a berry once grew there.

I blamed the wild turkeys, deer, robins, and naturally the damnable noisy blue jays for the missing wild strawberries.

I was wrong.

Ziggy the Adirondack strawberry thief

Ziggy the Adirondack strawberry thief.

Ziggy, the official lifestyle hound, was caught red-pawed at the scene of the crime yesterday morning.

Apparently, he stopped by the strawberry patch on his way to decimate the raspberries.

Ziggy the Adirondack Raspberry Picking Dog

First step: scope out the raspberry patch for the best berries.

Ziggy stalking the berries 2012

Stealthy approach the berries.

Adirondack Raspberry Picking Dog 2012

Snag the juiciest berry before mom gets it.



  1. Sue Cameron

    I love this! Bear did the same thing last year with the raspberries! I’ll send a picture of him almost in the same position as Ziggy above!! Too darned funny!

  2. Joann

    Hilarious! Clearly a lab thing.

  3. Buzz

    My labs ate all of my strawberries this year as well, even the green ones! I had to cover my blueberry plants this year because they ate all of the berries last year, at least I learned on that one. My older lab taught my younger one how to eat the raspberries very carefully. Oh well….

  4. Carolyn H

    At first I thought Ziggy was a bear in your strawberries!

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