Perfect Adirondack Day for Ironman Lake Placid 2012

Ricky James Lake Placid Ironman 2012

Ricky James, a 23-year-old paraplegic from Oceanside California, descending Route 73 during the first lap of Ironman Lake Placid cycling stage this morning.

Since this is the Adirondacks, Ironman Lake Placid 2012 competitors started their day with an appropriately brisk 2.4 mile swim in pristine Mirror Lake early this morning.  Bright sunshine warmed the chilly morning air quickly and by the time I caught some of the competition on the first lap of the bike, it was warm and a perfect Adirondack day was in the works.  Indeed, skies have remained sunny and blue, with just a few high clouds.

Ricky James Lake Placid Ironman 2012 Bike Climb

Ricky James ascends Route 73 during the bike stage of the Lake Placid Ironman.

At 5:00 p.m., ten hours after they jumped in Mirror Lake, the first of the pros have already finished.  Andy Potts, from the United States has won with a total time of 8 hours, 25 minutes. Wow.

Ironman Lake Placid 2012 time trial athlete OMR Adirondack LIfestyle

Cycling gear is fun.


Santa at Ironman Lake Placid 2012

Even Santa slipped away from his Santa’s Workshop in North Pole, NY to compete in this year’s Ironman Lake Placid.


Santa at Ironman Lake Placid 2012

“Have you been a good girl this year?”

Enjoy these photographs of Ironman Lake Placid 2012!


  1. Tiffany

    Great pictures! The “Santa” shots are hilarious. I see what you mean about the support hose! So, an American won! Cool!

  2. Joann

    Thanks! It was a gorgeous day.

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