Lake Placid Ironman Rolls On Despite Storm Damage

Ironman Lake Placid

The unusually powerful and destructive storms that passed through the Adirondacks earlier this week were particularly tough on the Village of Lake Placid. Power outages and massive fallen trees were not part of the events planned for the region’s busy week in July: Ironman week.  The storm that created what I’ll call a water spout; a tornado on water, knocked officials, businesses, and residents preparing for this Sunday’s Ironman Lake Placid around, but not down.

It takes no small effort to manage a natural disaster and the over 2,600 Ironman athletes and their entourage, media, event staff, and spectators who descend upon this  small and remote Village with a year-round population of only 2,509. But, this is old hat (hat trick?) for the Olympic Village of Lake Placid, where miracles happen. I am happy to report we are well on our way to a great Ironman event.

This storm brought one of the most impressive short and intense rain events I have seen in the Adirondacks in 26 years. Wind-whipped massive pine trees toppled, bringing along their earth encrusted roots. Some of the trees’ roots were ripped completely out of the shoreline ground and reached to the roof level of our client’s Lake Placid great camp. Here’s a photo of some of the storm damage in Lake Placid.

I was working at our real estate office, Adirondack Premier Properties (APP), the day after the storm, Wednesday, which also happens to be the busiest time for Ironman rental check-in. We had rental units with no power. Some of our properties were covered in trees that had fallen on roofs and in yards, across driveways and sidewalks. It was no surprise everyone at APP rose to the occasion, but our clients also happen to be awesome, understanding, and patient. I work with an incredible group of people who make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, so it seemed like our customers were just happy to be in Lake Placid, electricity be darned!

The weather has cleared and today we enjoyed a lovely, low humidity day perfectly suited for light training and taking in the Adirondack sights. Sunday’s forecast looks perfect for any outdoor activity, especially a 2.4 miles swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2 mile run.


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