Happy First Day of Summer from the Adirondacks!

Adirondack daisies on the first day of summer 2012

Adirondack daisies in the front yard are fine morning tea companions.

Greetings to fellow fans of the Adirondack lifestyle! I’ve been traveling and have missed writing about living in the Adirondacks more than you have missed reading my ramblings I assure you.

Appropriately, the first day of summer is supposed to be another scorcher, in Adirondack weather vernacular. I was weaned on ninety degrees and high humidity, so this weather is welcome. I know June in the Adirondacks can be rainy and cold.  A-high-of-48-degrees kind of cold.

Like so many things, this beautiful weather is a double-edged sword. I have a date with my road bike in a few minutes (sorry if this  post seems rushed) and I am busy with real estate and consulting, so it is a good thing the days are longer. My desire to get outside and play is tempered by other responsibilities, but I do get outside and play.

I am back in the Adirondack chair swing of things, so please come back for information on things like Adirondack property and real estate, the arts, entertaining, outdoor living, doing business in the Adirondacks, yoga in the Adirondacks, hiking, trail running, swimming, and outdoor recreation in general. Okay, maybe a lot of outdoor recreation writing. It is all apart of the Adirondack lifestyle I love writing about.

If you really enjoy hearing about what it is like to live, work, and play in the Adirondacks, you can like Adirondack Lifestyle on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, or all those other things.

And if you are wondering what to do with this beautiful sunny summer day, I heartily suggest getting outside, especially in the Adirondacks!


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