The Adirondacks are Awake!

Adirondack Mountains reflected in Round Lake

A recent deceptive early morning calm at Adirondack Lifestyle.

As most people are painfully aware, it was an odd winter and early spring here in the Adirondacks. Because of a lack of snow, the normally lovely spring skiing created by the warming sun working its way through a normal winter’s accumulated snow, was replaced by trail runs and cycling. The Adirondack North Country enjoyed an unusually warm early spring followed by a fair amount of the standard cold rain, wet snow, and gray skies. The start of spring 2012 found drought conditions and an officially declared “high” fire danger in the Adirondacks. Fortunately, although the recent rains created muddy trails for hiking, gardeners are happy and officials have reduced the fire danger to ‘moderate.’

Adirondack Painted Trillium 05-12

Adirondack Painted Trillium

Tiny, early-green leaves of mid-May are open and the forest around me here at HQ is filled in and fuzzy with verdant vegetation.  The subtle beauty of delicate wood wildflowers stun those willing to walk slowly and pay attention.

Adirondack Red Trillium Carpet 05-12

Can you spot the beautiful woodland wildflowers hidden on this forest floor?

Purple Wood Violets  05-12

Purple Wood Violets

The nonstop sounds of living in the spring forest are invigorating and comforting at the same time. After a night filled with the calls and hoots of Owls, the day starts with the haunting cry of Loons and Turkey yelps and gobbles.  One can’t resist smiling at the sound of the local Chickadee’s greeting to the official Lifestyle hound, “Heeey Ziggg-eeee! “Heeey Ziggg-eeee!”  The Robins and Jays seem simply noisy compared to the melodic Thrushes, Spring Peepers, Geese, and Ducks, all accompanied by the rhythmic drumming of Grouse and Woodpeckers.

Ziggy Flower Guard

Official Adirondack Lifestyle Flower Guard

The welcome warm weather indicates spring has definitely sprung in the Adirondacks. This morning’s below-freezing temperature belies the fact that we may see 80 degrees this weekend!  The roads in and around Lake Placid are crawling with cyclists and a few wet suit-clad swimmers have even been spotted in chilly Mirror Lake. The Village is bustling with locals getting ready for the coming busy season and athletes training  for Ironman, the Olympics, or just the human race.

The operative word in the Adirondacks these days is obviously “awake!”


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  1. Tiffany

    I love the trillium! Ziggy seems to be taking his job title seriously!


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