Suddenly it Feels Like Summer in the Adirondacks

Time to Get Outside!

May in the Adirondack Mountains

Mount Marcy, now bare of snow.

Today’s post is one of practicality. I’m taking a break from all the “pretty bird songs and flowers” stories to talk about something important.

The Adirondacks have warmed up and the outdoor recreating is superb. Roads in the Adirondacks are in excellent shape for road biking, the trails are dry enough for hiking and running, and there are many miles of smooth or fast water open for paddling. Very warm temperatures; it was 83 degrees yesterday and forecasters say it will top that today, are warming the lakes, ponds, and streams enough for refreshing post-exertion dips.

For example, yesterday’s road bike in and around the Jay Mountain Range was surprisingly toasty so we topped it off with a cooling limb immersion in a pool of the rushing East Branch of the AuSable River. The cycling was awesome, but the view from the rocks of the swiftly flowing water under the Jay covered bridge complimented by the backdrop of the greening Jay Range, was not too shabby either.

Okay, I may have slipped in a “look how pretty it is” reference, but that is tough to avoid when playing outdoors in the Adirondacks.


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