Adirondack Springtime Distractions

Adirondack Red Trillium and Raspberry

A delicate Red Trillium, buried deep in my Adirondack wild raspberry patch.

I set out last Sunday with the best intentions and a humble goal: tame the unruly wild raspberry patch in the front yard.

There is nothing more delicious than a fresh wild berry; volunteer food that just needs a little help once established. Despite a lack of attention and cultivation we had a great Adirondack raspberry harvest last year. I decided not to press my benign neglect luck, grabbed the lopping shears and headed out to prune and clean the dead raspberry canes.

Adirondack trout lily half awake

Aptly named Adirondack Trout Lily.

It wasn’t long however,  before I was back in the house in search of my camera. Our yard is recently reclaimed forest, a hotbed of blooming Adirondack woodland wild flowers.
Although I tried hard to remain on task with the raspberry conquest, new flower discoveries were around every corner and in every decomposing nook and cranny. The beautiful tiny distractions proved too alluring.



Adirondack White Violets in Wood 2012

Adirondack Wood Violets make their home in a tree stump.

Adirondack White Wood Violet 2012

Adirondack Spring Beauties

Adirondack Spring Beauties thrive next to a yellow birch log.

Adirondack Lifestyle Bluets


Granted, the raspberry patch cultivation project is 80% complete, but the wildflowers are 100% delightful.


  1. Tiffany

    Very Pretty!

  2. Sandy

    I would like to pick wild raspberries…where do I find them growing in the wild?


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