Staying Fit in the Adirondacks

Splitting Wood in the Adirondacks

The resident biologist working out in his gym of choice.

Inspired by a recent Adirondack Lifestyle blog comment, I realized I’ve become nearly nonchalant about how easy it is to be fit in the Adirondacks. Despite the most absolutely dismal winter for skiing in 25 years, most of us here at Adirondack Lifestyle have maintained a decent level of fitness.  As noted in the comment however, Ziggy, the official Lifestyle hound did not fare as well.  The long, sad tale about Ziggy’s new diet and fitness regimen includes the past winter’s dreadful backcountry ski conditions and the allure of well-groomed Olympic ski trails at Mount Van Hoeveberg, where doggies are not welcome.  We skied and he slept.  The main story line however, revolves around this fact: he is a lab.  As his dogctor said last week, “I’ve never met a ‘self-feeding lab.’ I digress.

Fortunately for us humans, there is always a way to stay fit in the Adirondacks and it is usually outdoors and fun. Skiing, trail running, hiking, paddling, swimming, cycling, etc.  Even when spring in the Adirondacks means it is not fit outside for man nor beast, those of the former variety can still burn some kibble at the local fitness center and yoga classes.

Trail running and hiking conditions are excellent right now, remarkable for April in the Adirondacks which normally consists of sunny late season skiing and mud. There is still snow in the High Peaks, but not here at HQ at about 2200 feet. The great trail conditions mean it is too dry out for this time of year. The NY State DEC reports the current fire danger in the Adirondacks is MODERATE and the expected dry weekend could lead to a fire danger of HIGH, so be cautious with campfires.

Ziggy after a swim.

“I’ll be back.”



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