A Day Late and a Dollar Short in the Adirondacks

Adirondack April Snow

As you can see in this morning’s view from home, Mother Nature cares not one bit that skis are stored away and some of us have already made the transition to late spring’s outdoor recreation activities like cycling and trail running.  Mother Nature is not being finicky, April snow is not unusual in the Adirondacks. However, this winter’s lack of snow and record breaking warmth was not indicative of a usual Adirondack winter and spring, so this year’s April snow is a lovely surprise.

Although the Adirondack spring palette lacks the bright yellows and pinks of our neighbors just 60 miles away, our shades of gray, brown, and green of barely awake trees contrast nicely with the new snow.

This is a good time to invoke another of my favorite adages; a picture speaks a thousand words.

April Snow Out the Window at Adirondack Lifestyle

adk lifestyle snow rock 04-11-12

ziggy spring snow nose 2012

"Palette, schmalette, I miss snow."



  1. Eddie

    Nice fat roll on the official Lifestyle hound.

  2. teleskiqueen

    Yep, poor guy, he indulged too many calories and not enough kilometers this past winter.


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