NY’s Disrespectful Wild Boars Notoriety Spreads

Peru Feral Swine Night Photo 03-12

Feral swine in Peru, New York enjoy a late night snack of fermented corn seasoned with strawberry Jell-O powder.

Featured on Canada’s CBC Radio and Peoria, Illinois

The national Canadian radio station, CBC Radio, ran a feature length report on the feral swine problem in New York State last night.  Given the pigs are “a mere 50 kilometers from the Canadian border,”  our friends to the north are concerned New York State pigs “would show no respect for sovereignty,” cross the border, and wreak their havoc in Canada.  It is a great interview; the resident biologist does a very nice job explaining the problem, why it needs to be addressed, and what the DEC is doing. Click here to hear the interview in a pop-out audio player. You’ll need to load the show and fast forward to time stamp 11:08 to start the interview.

Although the international news coverage of Peru’s destructive swine caught my attention, I knew the pigs had hit the big time when I learned they were the morning story on my sister’s favorite radio station talk show in Peoria, Illinois, this past Monday morning.  After all, if it’ll play Peoria….

Pig photograph courtesy of New York State DEC

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  1. Tiffany

    It made the news in PEORIA???? Wow.

    The glowing eyes still freak me out!

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