Feral Swine in the New York Times

Article Features the Short Twisted Tail of Swine Team Six

Peru, NY Feral Swine

Rare daytime appearance of the feral swine sounder in Peru, New York

The locally famous Clinton County feral swine are the subject of today’s New York Times article, “Wild, Elusive Foragers Invade Upstate New York.”

In the article, resident biologist, Ed Reed, discusses efforts of New York State Department of Environment Conservation (NYSDEC) workers to eradicate the eating machines.  From gourmet baited traps featuring such delicacies as donuts and fermented corn sprinkled with strawberry Jell-O powder, to high-tech hunting gear, the hogs, however, have proven a worthy opponent.

Peru, NY Feral Swine Grey Face

Grey Face, one of the wild boars I am not supposed to name.

Naturally, the DEC sounder is not giving up easy.  They are now using all sorts of high-tech commando gear and have called a full-out assault on the frighteningly destructive creatures. For example, the photographs featured here and in the Times article are obtained using motion detector, infrared cameras. The images are then immediately emailed to the resident biologist.  Real-time, virtual monitoring of the pigs and their activities has made for some wonderful evening and weekend entertainment at Adirondack Lifestyle HQ.  The mission is not intended for entertainment purposes; this is how the experts know what the pigs are up to when they think no one is watching. Surprise - they spend most of their time pigging out!

On a personal note and against Reed family policy, I love to name the various creatures who visit us or those Ed has to deal with in the course of his work.  As a biologist, he is strictly against anthropomorphism. Or in this case, he doesn’t think one of the pigs deserves to be called Miss Piggy, or that Grey Face is friends with Old Major, Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer.

On a strictly scientific level I can report the donuts were not a big hit with Grey Face and friends, although they all really love the strawberry Jell-O laced fermented corn. The strawberry Jello-O on corn recipe is an old Southern favorite provided to Ed by a USDA colleague who is familiar with the Upstate NY wild boars’ Southern cousins.

Peru, NY Feral Swine Grey Face 03-12


Photographs courtesy NY State DEC.


  1. Ben Tabor

    I heard they taste like chicken is that true????

  2. Eddie

    Someone’s jealous that he didn’t get in the NY Times.

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